• rebbel


  • Andy Demidov

    Andy Demidov

    The fitness trainer that’s looking for ways to make life better. https://andydemidov.medium.com/membership

  • Gina Nicole Kelly

    Gina Nicole Kelly

    Writing about Health, Wellness & Mental Wellbeing www.ginanicolekelly.com

  • Geoffrey Verity Schofield

    Geoffrey Verity Schofield

    Hi! Just a guy from Quora who lifts and writes about it. Online personal trainer based in Shenzhen, China. New to Medium…and writing. www.fitttle.com

  • greenom


  • Warren Patterson

    Warren Patterson

    Weight Loss & Nutrition Coach. Fitness junkie. Solo traveler. Dark chocolate addict. My affiliate link: https://medium.com/@warrenblogs/membership

  • Mike Martin

    Mike Martin

    In pursuit of a meaningful life. Interests include neuroscience, medicine, bioelectricity, and the impact of artificial intelligence on healthcare.

  • Zahava Shapiro

    Zahava Shapiro

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