Here's the thing. Most people who are overweight are so because of insulin resistance. I'm not talking about people who want to lose five pounds for vanity's sake. Too many carbs cause it (for some of us), and the body pumps out even more insulin to overcome it. Insulin signals the body to store fat. It's not as simple as calories in/calories out in this case. If excess insulin is signaling your body to store all intake as fat, the only way to be in any sort of useful calorie deficit is to starve yourself, which is extremely uncomfortable and unhealthy. The beauty of keto is that once your insulin normalizes and the insulin resistance is reversed, your body will start burning stored fat without any effort. When that fat is released into the bloodstream, it creates satiety hormones just like any fat you eat, so you feel full just as if you've eaten. I never felt more full all the time than when I was losing weight. I did eat about half of what I eat now, but it wasn't something that required effort or attention. It was automatic and natural. I never claimed that I wasn't in a calorie deficit or that magic was involved; I'm claiming that being in a calorie deficit only works if your insulin is under control. This is why dieting is relatively unsuccessful for many overweight people. Once I got the insulin problem solved, the weight loss was a piece of cake (pun intended). It's a beautiful thing.


Enthusiastic about diet, exercise, hiking, camping, dogs, and Hawaiian shirts.

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