I can say this: I never lost any weight until I cut the carbs. Then I lost 55 lbs. and kept it off. I ate less and moved more, but it never resulted in any weight loss. It wasn't until I normalized my insulin by cutting carbs that the weight loss happened. And it happened effortlessly. I didn't have to do anything. What EBM doesn't account for is insulin. Insulin will tell your body to store incoming calories as fat, and if you've become insulin resistant over the years, your body will overproduce insulin which exacerbates the problem. Insulin also doesn't allow your body to burn stored fat. This is why people gain weight and can't lose it. Instead of burning stored fat, your body tells you to eat again. Some people are more tolerant of carbs than others, but for those of us who've gained weight and can't lose it, the most likely reason is that you're carb intolerant and producing too much insulin.

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