I’m not writing this to argue but rather to share what worked for me. In my case, cutting out carbohydrates worked. It may not be true of everyone to the same degree, but going on a ketogenic diet (where cutting carbs lowered insulin production) is a magic pill (just like the name of the documentary). I’ve lost fifteen pounds in six weeks without being hungry (quite the opposite), so willpower isn’t required. I couldn’t lose any weight at all, no matter how much I exercised until I dropped the carbs. And the best part will be that once I’ve lost another fifteen pounds or so, I’ll be able to eat things like keto brownies to fill in the calorie deficit after I no longer have body fat to burn. If you haven’t had any luck losing weight, and you don’t have any health conditions that would rule it out, giving keto a try could be the best option for you too.

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