You’ve presented this in the most ridiculous light possible: eat only meat! This is highly misleading. The real message is to eat far fewer carbs, especially of the refined variety (e.g. grains and sugar). The experts (I know you’re cringing right now) I’ve read will tell you to eat as many non-starchy vegetables as you please. You can stuff yourself with broccoli and kale, and they wouldn’t bat an eye. Your eating a salad would not cause them to have a tantrum. The real goal is to control insulin levels, which is what leads to weight loss, not eating fewer calories. I can virtually guarantee that I am eating at least as many calories (probably a few more) as I was before going low-carb/keto, and I’ve been losing weight at an incredible rate. I’ve never felt the urge to reply to an article on Medium before, but I found this one to be so skewed I just had to say something.

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